Science Graphics

Unsure about the difference between tiffs and jpegs, rasters and vectors, image file size and resolution? Your graphs, charts and maps are low res jpegs but the Journal requires either high res tiffs or eps vector graphics before they can publish the material. How do you supply them with what they need?

science graphics

Photo Graphic Design provides graphic assistance for authors and publishers of scientific papers. Publishers have specific requirements with regard to quality, format and file type for graphical images and photos. We can help with the preparation of high quality photo images and clear, crisp, scalable line drawings that meet these requirements. For more detailed examples of redrawn graphics, please click here, for examples of redrawn maps click here.

A well designed graphic compliments and clarifies the text and data. Data graphics are often created in Word, Excel and Powerpoint as these are familiar programmes. But the resulting graphs, maps and drawings are usually of insufficient quality for publishing purposes.

We can improve the quality of line drawings and photos so that they meet publishing standards, thus avoiding possible delays in the submission process. For an example please click graphic for the Royal Society of New Zealand

Contact us to discuss your particular science graphics needs. We can often come up with a cost effective solution for you.

Just as a written text can benefit from the services of a professional editor, so can the visual elements that accompany a paper benefit from the services of a graphics specialist.