Native Forests of New Zealand


Grace in Motion

The wing dips to touch its reflection. We are blind to much that surrounds us, but the camera can capture that which we may miss.

Think Fast

A simple concept–two wheels and an engine and somewhere to sit. But within these constraints exists endless variety. Motorcycles are evocative, visceral, fun. And, often, transport.


The style of a classic, exaggerated to create a cariacature, a cartoon, of the original.

Winter Lake

The importance of hue and temperature.

Commercial Photography

Top Energy, Northland

Catch the
Light Right

Storm sky approaching the hills east of Martinborough, New Zealand

Sharp Art

A marriage of form and function in one
small tidy package

Spoonbill Roost

The sense of place and scale.

Science Graphics

"It’s not what we don’t know that causes troubles, it’s what we know that’s not true”

At PhotoGraphicDesign we create attractive, innovative visual elements for any project. Our work includes commercial photography, high quality photographic prints, digital image supply, graphic design for a range of applications, and we specialise in graphic support for science publication.


Commercial Photography

Products, plant, operations
Architectural, residential
Images for promotion,
annual reports, etc

Photographic Prints

Digital Art Reproduction

Digital Image Files

See our photography page for more information

PhotoGraphic Design photography

Graphic Design


Graphic Design fundamentally affects the look and feel of a project. The appearance should match the purpose. PGD produces branding and logos for business, exhibition elements, posters, newsletters, promotional material and maps, amongst other things.


Science Graphics


Graphic assistance for researchers and authors of science papers. PGD can transform graphs, charts and other figures generated in Word/Exel or similar general applications into crisp clear graphics suitable for publication. Low resolution images can be redrawn as sharp, scalable vector graphics that will best illustrate the text. Photographs enhanced as necessary. Maps can be drawn as required for any project.

PhotoGraphic Design science graphics

Although we divide the work at PGD into three areas we know that this is really a false division.
In practice all projects benefit from the overlap, the integration, of our capabilities. Hence the logo.logo22